Siamo Italiani e Maurizio Morabito nello Evening Standard di oggi 27 ottobre 2014

Che poi sarei io ma inutile nascondersi per niente…

Siamo Italiani e il Candidato Maurizio Morabito sono a pagina 50 dello Evening Standard di oggi 27 ottobre 2014, in un contributo invitato riguardo la controversia sui due miliardi di euro chiesti dalla UE alla Gran Bretagna (e 340 milioni chiesti all’Italia nella indifferenza generale di tutti i media nel Bel Paese):

Requests for immediate, large EU surcharges seem like the ultimate box-ticking folly by a preposterous bureaucracy, leaving millions with the impression that European institutions’ decision-making is guided by anti-British resentment and other whims.

London will find it hard however to get support from Rome (surcharged £270 million) as Matteo Renzi’s government has spent all its political capital to get the 2015 budget approved by the EU. The same applies to Greece, for instance. The battle for the UK’s £1.7 billion is most likely already lost.

What’s needed is for Downing Street to assume an alliance-building, bureaucracy-busting leadership role aimed at European Commission President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker, who recently spoke out on the precise subject of EU bureaucracy. As the politicians in Brussels need the UK in the EU more than the bureaucrats do, the PM could bargain continuing membership with dismantling of the administrative monster; and if Juncker fails, the UK would be more than justified to leave.
M Morabito, Siamo Italiani candidate for Committees of Italians Abroad elections


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